About IPO Candy

This “Almost Daily” publication is designed to share some small notes, ideas, comments, and observations we collect while producing our “main” works but still worth sharing.

We started IPO Candy in 2009 to cover the new IPO market that emerged from the ashes of the 2008 financial crisis. Most of our more serious stuff is over at IPO Candy which is a subscriber-only publication. We also run a site called IPO Candy PRO that is a database of over 1000 downloadable assets related to the IPO and SPAC IPO markets. We’re also behind a niche site called SPACvest that caters to those most interested in SPAC investing and SPAC IPOs.

Who we write for:

  • Investors: We look at every IPO from an investment perspective. Not just when they come public but as they mature over time. There are also key events in their new life like quiet periods ending and lockup agreements expiring. If the market is slow we will often look back and find some good ideas in past IPO names. We maintain an IPO Candy Model Portfolio as well.

  • Curious People: The coolest new trends are often reflected in the IPO market. “Meatless meat” in the shares of Beyond Meat (BYND). New fitness trends in shares of Peloton (PTON). Advanced new drug and materials discovery technology in the shares of Schrodinger (SDGR). New underlying software infrastructure in the shares of Twilio (TWLO). New methods of treating chronic disease in the shares of Livongo (LVGO). The list goes on forever. Don’t be left out.

  • Management Teams: How are you positioning your company relative to your competition and other IPO names in the space? Now that you are public or soon to be public understanding how the market around your stock works will be critical.

  • Investment Banks: Well how can you afford not to be up on everything. Just subscribe and get with the program.

If you have other questions please contact us as we’d be pleased to help.


Founder of IPO Candy